• Cash-Ads.com team
  • 30 Aug, 2021

AI system started for CPM

Dear user,

since months of learning and optimization we activated our AI based anti fraut system today.
Your CPM is now calculated automatically and continuously by different factors (traffic quality) to ensure an improved quality of our advertisers.

Starting this week our team control this update and make sure everything will be fine.
Pending views are still always converted on Sunday in USD (CPM based).

If you have any questions, ask us!

Your Cash-Ads.com team

  • Cash-Ads.com team
  • 30 Jun, 2021

Deposit/Payments with PayPal

Dear user,

currently PayPal payments and deposits are not possible.
If you have a pending PayPal payment contact us if you are able to change payment method.
Advertiser can also use support or live chat to clarify deposits.

We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to point out that the fault is not ours. Therefore we cannot give you a time until PayPal is working again.

Due this issue we will add new payment methods and partner, like:
- Payeer
- Dogecoin (Crypto)
- USDt (Crypto)
- And some more...

Best regards,
your Cash-Ads.com team

  • Cash-Ads.com team
  • 28 Apr, 2021

Fallback Codes

Dear user,

since today you are able to add fallback codes (passback tags) to your ad codes.
For every banner size!
You find this feature in Ad Codes -> Fallback Codes.
It is free for all Publisher. If you have any questions about it, ask us.

Your Cash-Ads.com team